Use vyper as Python library

Posted on Fri 25 June 2021 in ETH

One option to program the EVM (Etherum Virtual Machine) is Vyper. As oposed to Solidity, which borows from JavaScript, Vyper shares its syntax with Python. Installing Vyper is also done via Python:

$ pip install vyper

I wondered if Vyper could be used as library in a Python application, instead of calling the Vyper compiler via command line. Unfortunately this is not documented in the Vyper documentation but some source code digging gave me an elegant solution:

from collections import OrderedDict
from import Iterable
from vyper.cli import vyper_compile

def get_vyper_contract(input_files: Iterable[str]) -> OrderedDict:
    output_formats = ["bytecode", "abi"]
    return vyper_compile.compile_files(input_files, output_formats)

if __name__ == '__main__':

Assuming we have the following Vyper smart contract as hello.vy file ...

# @version ^0.2.0

greet: public(String[100])

def __init__():
    self.greet = "Hello World"

... we'll get the following result:

    {'bytecode': '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',
     'abi': [{'stateMutability': 'nonpayable', 'type': 'constructor', 'inputs': [], 'outputs': []}, {'stateMutability': 'view', 'type': 'function', 'name': 'greet', 'inputs': [], 'outputs': [{'name': '', 'type': 'string'}], 'gas': 17244}]})

This technique helps us to create real world applications with web frameworks like Flask and immutable smart contract storages with Python (and Vyper) only.

You can find a full example here in this blog