Minifying JavaScript and CSS with buildout

Posted on Tue 09 February 2010 in Plone • Tagged with Multimedia, Plone

An easy way to increase the performance of a web-page is to minify the used CSS and JavaScript resources. There are ready available tools that strip the comments and whitespaces from JavaScript and CSS-files.

Plone itself ships with a big amount of uncompressed JavaScript and CSS which are compiled in …

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Migrating to Plone 4. Part 1

Posted on Fri 04 December 2009 in Plone • Tagged with Plone

Recently I tried to migrate the website of the university I work for to Plone 4. The first thing I did was to checkout the development buildout from Plone The alpha2 release is quite near, but I thought I …

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Customize Plone translations with iw.recipe.cmd

Posted on Fri 17 July 2009 in Plone • Tagged with buildout, i18n, plone

Sometimes the good translations of Plone do not fit your usecase or screen space. Overriding the translations in a pre-buildout area was easy. All you needed to do is to put a directory i18n in your instance home containing a file custom-plone-en.po. The structure of the filename is important …

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Using archetypes.referencebrowserwidget with Plone 3.3

Posted on Thu 23 April 2009 in Plone • Tagged with Archetypes, Plone, Referencebrowser, Widget

If you need to reference objects from big containers, the current ATReferenceBrowser product, which is bundled with Plone may not be your first choice. It is very slow with many objects and it is not very well tested, if at all. The at.referencebrowserwidget aims to be 100% UI compatible …

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